Skat Trak Flyboard Pump for Yamaha

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Built for waterflight! This pump is durable and one of a kind. Exclusively manufacturered by Skat-Trak.

This is an aftermarket pump for the Yamaha FX SHO, HO, FX Cruiser SHO, SVHO, VXR 1.8L, FZR, and FZS.

This pump enhances the performance of your water flight device and Yamaha jet ski together. All our testing has been with the Flyboard and various Yamaha models. The difference between the stock pump and This pump is huge. We intricately designed this pump for jet propelled sports with changes to the pump size, hub size, stator veins, and main drive placement.

If you love the Yamaha’s reliability and are using the Yamaha for the Flyboard application, all you need is this pump upgrade to completely eliminate vibration and cavitation. The reason for your cavitation is the stock Yamaha pump. The only way to accurately solve this problem is to upgrade the entire pump. If you only add a dual impeller, it will only be a matter of time when you will have problems with your stock pump.

Advantages to using This pump include: being able to fly higher and utilize all of the FlyBoard hose; fly at higher RPMs with no vibrating, shaking or limitations; reduces cavitation noise and achieve a smooth flight.

You only need to add This pump to your jet ski, everything else stays stock: your Yamaha jet ski and your water flight device. We have had exceptional results with using this pump for the Flyboard. This pump will enhance any flyer’s experience on any water flight apparatus.

This pump comes complete, ready for easy install.

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