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Dynojet CMD Marine Fuel Controller for Yamaha Skis

  • $469.99

The Dynojet CMD Marine (Combustion Management Device, Marine) is an easy-to-install fuel controller that gives the end user full control of the fuel curve in an easy to adjust format for the ultimate in air/fuel ratio tuning.

Accessories for the CMD Marine include the Dynojet AutoTune AT-200 and LCD-200. The AutoTune gives users the ability to set a target air/fuel table within the software, and have the CMD Marine automatically tune the vehicle while in use. The LCD is a touch screen display that lets the user monitor information from the CMD Marine and log all channels to a user-supplied SD card.

Note: For users who want to use our wideband air/fuel gauges to display air/fuel ratio, as well has have access to the AutoTune feature within the CMD Marine, the Dynojet Wideband2 unit should be used in place of the AT-200. The #76950145 (6" CAN-CAN cable) is necessary to connect the Wideband2 to the CDM Marine unit. This part retails for $17.