R & D Ultra 250 Aquavein Scoop Grate

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If your looking for crazy good handling and rock solid hook-up that will give your boat the feeling of riding on rails this is the grate for you....But on the other hand if your looking for top speed this is not the grate for you ...I could not believe how SOLID and STABLE of a ride this grate gave me it was MIND BLOWING....but as I said if your looking for top speed this will actually slow you down I ran my Ski with this R&D grate and hit 67.5 GPS and then removed it and put the stock grate back on and ran 68.6 GPS but the ride was a not as stable and didnt feel as solid as it did whit the R&D grate on

So it has its advantages and its disadvantages

Cuts top speed by about 1.6mph
But has AMAZING handling and it would take a heck of a wave or a wake to make your boat come un-hooked

All my testing with and with out the R&D grate was done on :

Very same day about 45mins form each other on the same lake
146lbs rider
Glass flat water
Air temp:70
Water temp:78
Wind: None to 1mph form the north
Amount of Gas:2 bars
Date Added: 09/17/2007 by Kyle
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