RIVA Yamaha Water Box SVHO/SHO/HO 1.8L

  • Model: RY16041


Developed on our Dyno and tested extensively on the water, this water box features radiused exhaust tubes and end caps for optimum exhaust flow. Unique exhaust baffle will increase the low-end power and mid-range pull of your Yamaha watercraft. Delivers up to 15hp on modified engines along with significant torque gains. High-strength aluminum construction will survive backfires and meltdowns. Powder coated to prevent corrosion. A must for modified motors.

Key Features:

* Delivers up to 15hp on modified craft!

* Machined hose flanges for reliable coupler retention.

* Radiused exhaust tubes & end caps.

* Powder coated to prevent corrosion.

* Fits Yamaha FZR/FZS, FX-SHO, FX-HO 1.8L & VXR/VXS

NOTE: For those running RIVA/Vi-PEC ECU, we offer specific maps to complement increased power provided by this water box.Please visit our ECU Manager web site at

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