RIVA Maptuner X Tuning Bundle Pack For TR-1 Yamaha Waverunners

  • Model: RY110NA-B-TR1

$1,067.12  $943.95
12% discount

Bone stock EX picks up 4 MPH with just a tune and no other parts! Also- our new “AGR” Series tunes (Aggressive Throttle Response) make a huge difference in EX acceleration and snap off the line.

The MaptunerX Bundle delivers instant plug-in horsepower! Quickly and easily load performance tunes into your Yamaha EX watercraft (TR-1 Engine). MaptunerX eliminates the need to ship out your ECU for programming. Features a slick, full color, touch screen display. There is no limit to the number of vehicles or tunes you can reflash with the MaptunerX. Simply purchase one additional tuning license for each vehicle that you would like to program. Includes full access to RIVA's world famous tuning library along with unmatched technical support. Easily switch between performance tunes and then back to stock settings if you wish.

Features and Benefits: Reflash your ECU instantly without shipping it out for programming. Switch between performance tunes quickly & easily. Restore stock tune settings if you wish. High resolution, full color, touch screen display. Optional Apps available soon offering expanded service functions and data logging.

This instructional video will show you just how easy it is to tune your ski with the MaptunerX system

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