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Fizzle Z1 SVHO Supercharger Impeller - 17+ PSI

  • $499.00
  • $461.58

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Increase top speed, acceleration and throttle response with the Fizzle Z1 Supercharger Impeller! More torque and more horsepower = more fun!!

Weighing in at just 96 grams, this lightweight, precision machined billet aluminum supercharger packs a big punch!

Typical gains are 3 PSI more boost pressure and 250-300+ more RPMs over the OEM supercharger wheel and a more than 10% weight savings!

The Fizzle Z1 Supercharger Impeller will boost 21+ PSI @ 9100 RPM and will max out at more than 23 PSI at higher RPM levels.

This is the most pump gas friendly of our supercharger impellers and is designed to give you that extra edge over a factory equipped ski.

We HIGHLY recommend an at least stage 2 mods AND 1000cc injectors, billet fuel rail for the injectors, Riva shaft upgrade, and appropriate Maptuner x tuning be installed on any setup when switching to a high performance aftermarket supercharger impeller, such as this one.