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Fizzle Z142 Complete Supercharger (24+ PSI)

  • $2,095.00

Why buy?

Go Faster (~6 MPH Speed Gain)
Accelerate Harder
Lightweight & Efficient
Fast Guys Choose Fizzle!

With the Fizzle Supercharger you can Hit Harder, Weigh Lighter, and Be Unique!

Increase top speed, acceleration and throttle response with the Fizzle Z142 Supercharger! More torque and more horsepower = more fun!!

This lightweight, precision machined billet aluminum supercharger packs a big punch!

The Fizzle Z142 Supercharger will max out at more than 24 PSI.

Get more Speed, more Acceleration, and more Thrill!

Our patent pending supercharger impeller design features aggressive blade geometry combined with an integrated supercharger impeller nut and raised center section for the ultimate experience in acceleration, boost, and top speed gains!

This supercharger comes fully machined and assembled, including the required supercharger housing spacer. The clutch slip tension is pre-set to the recommended setting. All components are brand new, using the OEM genuine Sea-Doo BRP supercharger as a base to build this performance supercharger.