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RIVA Rideplate Modification Service for 2022+ Skis with "Slow Speed Issue"

  • $225.00

PLEASE NOTE: This is a modification service for your stock ride plate. Once you complete the order in our store, please ship your ride plate to the following address and reference your order number in the address as below:

RIVA Motorsports
att: Ride Plate Modification (your order number here)
3671 N Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

RIVA Racing offers an ‘OEM Sea-Doo Ride Plate Modification Service’ (Part#: RSS21120-RPM) for 2022+ Sea-Doo models
with 1630cc engine. The service involves machining your affected ride plate to the faster specification utilizing an accurate
and repeatable process.
Please contact RIVA Technical Support for details prior to sending us your ride plate. Ride plates will be inspected when
received to determine condition. Any that appear damaged or warped will not be modified and returned.