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FuelTech Billet Oil Pan for Yamaha 1.8L and 1.9L Engines

  • $1,699.00

The Yamaha 1.8L and 1.9L engines don't provide adequate oil volume, or baffling for modified performance applications. With the stock oil pan, engines and superchargers can momentarily starve for oil in instances of hard cornering and hard deceleration events. This ultimately leads to supercharger failure and engine damage.

FuelTech, in conjunction with top racing teams, has developed a billet high volume oil pan that has successfully solved this low oil pressure issue as proven by consistent data acquisition showing no drop in oil pressure during extreme high G turns and hard deceleration.

This oil pan is on the world's fastest jetski built by Jose Luis and BK Built who set the 142 mph record. FuelTech also runs this oil pan on their own 1000 HP GP!800R which features a compound Turbo and Supercharger setup.

The FuelTech oil pan allows you to run 10 quarts of oil allowing for extended oil life with extreme high power applications and allows for safer oil levels on high RPM engines.

The FuelTech oil pan features a baffled box design which directs oil to be suctioned in through a 90 degree style suction tube eliminating any possibility for oil starvation.

This oil pan features a bottom oil drain plug allowing for installation of a hose for proper suction and complete removal of the oil during oil changes.

The solid billet aluminum design also provides for structural reinforcement of the engine block for extreme horsepower builds.