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RIVA Sea-Doo 325 ECU Speed Control Override Service

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The RIVA Speed Control Override Service removes the restrictive GPS speed control function on Sea-Doo 325 models delivering significant increases in top speed. Also allows system to start in "Sport Mode" for maximum performance. "Touring Mode" can be manually selected after start-up. This is a "mail-in" service requiring you ship your original ECU, RF D.E.S.S Lanyard and RF D.E.S.S. Post (3 items) to RIVA for programming.

Upgraded Tuning Parameters:

Removes GPS controlled speed limiter.

Increases top speed utilizing stock ECU without tuning or modifications.

Works on all 2024 & newer 325hp Sea-Doo models.

Can deliver 80+mph top speed on 325hp RXP-X & RXT-X models.

Allows system to start in "Sport Mode".

Does not affect ECU tuning or exhaust emissions.

For optimal performance we highly recommend upgrading your pump impeller to a Solas SXX-CD-14/19 Concord Impeller. This impeller reduces cavitation and significantly improves acceleration enabling your craft to reach top speed quicker than the stock pump impeller.

NOTE: Stock ECU limits performance for first 10 hours of operation. Top speed increases should be measured after 10 hour break-in period.

Top speed without override service:

North American Models: 68 MPH
International Models: 72 MPH

Quick and easy service!

Step 1: After completing online purchase please print and complete this form (click here).

Step 2: Package the form, original ECU, RF D.E.S.S. Lanyard and RF D.E.S.S. Post (3 items) together. Ship them directly to:

RIVA Racing Attention:
ECU S.C.O.S. Order # (your order number here)
3671 N. Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA

Step 3: We will contact you when we receive your ECU, RF D.E.S.S. Lanyard & RF D.E.S.S. Post to confirm details.

Step 4: You will receive an email with tracking details from the GreenHulk Store once your ECU is done and shipping back to you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions

You also have the option to purchase one, or more, of our lanyards (RS8-RFDL-092) and have them programmed as a back-up.