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Jetpilot F-86 Sabre Flight Coast Guard Approved Vest - Silver/Pink

  • $149.95


The all-new Jetpilot F-86 Sabre Flight Coast Guard Approved Vest features premium foam and reinforced nylon providing comfort and durability. Its patented internal 3 buckle design eliminates belt snags and provides safety and comfort. This revolutionary side entry vest sets a new standard in terms of design and materials. With a 15-panel construction, the vest is ergonomically engineered to offer maximum comfort and flexibility. Its premium Evoprene material, combined with soft Aero Jet foam front panels, Jet-Foam layered panels, and beveled foam panels, ensures an exceptional fit that allows for improved mobility and reduced bulkiness during any type of riding.

Key Features:

Revolutionary side entry vest
15-panel construction ergonomically engineered
Patented internal 3 buckle design
Premium foam and reinforced nylon fabric
Evoprene material
Aero Jet-Foam layered panels