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Lucky 13 Adjustable Pump Cone for Yamaha SHO/HO Skis & Riva Race Pump

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All billet construction and hard anodized to prevent corrosion. Easily adjusted by removing stainless steel tail cone bolt, pulling off billet cone and adding or removing supplied spacers.

The extended length of the Lucky 13 Performance Pump Cone allows for custom pump pressure tuning resulting in additional thrust allowing the ski to reach higher top speeds, achieve better acceleration and have reduced cavitation.

Utilize the supplied spacers in order to dial in your RPM and find the sweet spot for your ski. Testing different spacer arrangements along with exit nozzle diameters in order to dial in your RPMs will result in gains from holeshot, midrange acceleration and also top speed. In some cases it may also be necessary to depitch the trailing edge of your impeller slightly to achieve desired RPMs. Best results are generally achieved when spacing the cone back into the venturi as far as possible and then adjusting venturi nozzle diameter and impeller pitch to achieve desired RPM. Its important to note that each ski will vary. Its important for you to test different configurations to see what works best with your skis setup. When you put forth the effort to dial this system in you will be rewarded with substantial gains.