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Worx 08-11 FX and 09-13 FZ Sponsons

  • $490.00
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Not happy with how your ski currently handles? Want to upgrade the look of your ski? Designed not just for cutting edge performance but killer style, the WR554-I sponsons are the perfect upgrade for your Yamaha ski!

Made for Yamaha 08-11 FX and 09-13 FZ models, these sponsons have been specifically designed to improve the handling performance of your Yamaha jetski.

With the adjustability of four positions, you can tailor the positioning to your riding style! Expect greatly improved direct response in cornering, more predictable handling AND greater straight line stability, especially in rough conditions.

All Worx Sponsons are designed and manufactured in our Australian warehouse on the Gold Coast, so when you buy Worx Sponsons, you can be sure that you're supporting an Australian owned business.


Enhanced control, stability and predictability, the ski stays hooked and does not throw you off
Stops the ski from sinking in the back in tight turns like stock sponsons
Allows for Greater corner entry speed
Maximised top speed performance by creating less drag
Superior straight line stability
Easy installation to stock mounting points
Made in Australia


2 x Backing Rails
2 x Adjustable Paddles
All Fasteners Needed