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RIVA Yamaha 2017-20 GP1800 & 2015-19 VXR/VXS Steering System

  • $644.95
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Introducing the ultimate race proven steering system for 2017~20 Yamaha GP1800 & 2015~19 VXR/VXS models! Design features billet aluminum construction for maximum strength & rigidity. Directly replaces bulky OEM mechanism with a stronger & lighter unit. Delivers a precision feel and the confidence to push your craft to the limit with improved dependability and comfort. Accepts standard 7/8" MX bars and provides adjustable quick-steer feature.

Key Features:

Billet aluminum construction delivers superior strength & rigidity.
Accepts all popular 7/8” handlebars.
Includes aluminum cover plate to enclose steering cavity.
Precision machined steering arm features adjustable "quick-turn” settings.
Cutting-edge race styling.
All aluminum parts anodized to prevent corrosion.
Fits 2017~20 GP1800 models and 2015~19 VXR/VXS models.

NOTE: Requires use of Aftermarket Handlebars.

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