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RIVA Sea-Doo 2020 & Newer Pro-Series Waterbox

  • $472.95
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Our Pro-Series Waterbox delivers increased horsepower and performance by reducing exhaust restriction and back pressure. Developed on a flow bench, our waterbox features radiused exhaust tubes and end caps for optimum exhaust flow. Innovative short design allows easy servicing of supercharger without removal of exhaust system. High-strength aluminum construction & precision welds will survive backfires & overheating. Powder coated to prevent corrosion. Includes detailed installation instructions.
Key Benefits Include:

Delivers up to 10hp on modified craft!
Beaded tube flanges for reliable coupler retention.
Radiused exhaust tubes & end caps.
Powdercoated to prevent corrosion.
Fits all 2020+ models with 1630 engine.