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RIVA Pro-Series Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit 2020 & NEWER Yamaha SVHO

  • $309.95
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Our Engine Cooling Upgrade Kits deliver dramatically improved cooling efficiency to engine and inter-cooler for increased performance & reliability. Greatly enhances water flow & pressure by replacing restrictive OEM pump strainer & water fittings with high-flow billet components and superior routing. Allows addition of re-flashed ECU's, high-boost compressor wheels and other performance modifications that can increase heat & detonation.

Key Features:

Improved performance & reliability
Allows use of aftermarket ECU's & high boost compressor wheels
High flow billet pump strainer increases water flow
Billet fitting injects water into "hot spot" of engine block
Retains benefits of OEM thermostat
Includes detailed installation instructions

NOTE: Fits Yamaha SVHO models using RIVA SVHO Power Cooler (part# RY17081-PC-TV).