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Sea Doo Replacement Supercharger for 230/255/260

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Complete OEM X-model Supercharger will fit all 215, 255 & 260 4-TEC supercharged engines. X-model Supercharger delivers a significant performance gain over original 215 unit. Comes fully assembled including shaft, bearings & OEM metal clutch washers.
NOTE:When using with modified craft we recommend the following additional parts to provide the necessary additional fuel as required by the increase in boost.
APPLICATIONS: RIVA Stage 1 (215hp models) with Stock Intercooler:

RIVA Pro-Series Fuel Injectors (42lb)

RIVA Stage 2 (215hp non-iControl) with RIVA GEN-1, GEN-2 or GEN-3 Intercooler:

RIVA Pro-Series Fuel Injectors (42lb)
RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit. Set to a static 65psi. Configured for rising rate.

RIVA Stage 3 (215hp non-iControl) Kit:

RIVA Pro-Series ECU (`11~07 non-iControl)
RIVA Pro-Series Fuel Injectors (50lb).

Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit not required.