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This modification delivers the maximum level of performance (+ 7mph) through easily installed air intake, exhaust, and pump enhancements. No internal engine modifications are required.

RIVA Power Filter Kit is installed. Provides greatly improved performance by replacing restrictive stock intake system. Delivers an increased volume of air via a large 4" diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element. Includes water repellent pre-filter cover for primary filter.

RIVA Speed Control Override Module is installed. Module removes the restrictive speed limiter systems allowing top speed to exceed factory settings (+3~4mph on US models) with no additional modifications. This is the "gateway part" necessary for all modifications that utilize stock ECU.

RIVA Pro-Series Water Box is installed. Provides a larger unrestricted exhaust outlet for improved acceleration and top speed.

WORX Intake Grate are installed. Eliminates prop spin and cavitation while delivering improved handling and acceleration with no loss in top speed.

TBM Ride Plate is installed. With a 1 mph gain in top speed, this plate enhances the watercraft with superior hook up & drive through cornering.

RIVA Pro-Series Sponsons are installed. Our sponsons dramatically improve the handling through their superior blade & backing plate design. Sponson depth and forward/aft position is adjustable to accommodate riding style.

After extensive testing of aftermarket impellers we have determined that the stock impeller provides the maximum performance for both stock & Stage I applications. We will report updates to our impeller recommendation at such time as we find an aftermarket advantage to the stock impeller.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.