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This modification utilizes the Factory SuperJet 'Mod' Pipe to replace the restrictive OEM exhaust. Mod Pipe features a tuned exhaust chamber and manifold that dramatically improves horsepower throughout the powerband.

RIVA Power Filter Flame Arrestors, Pre-Filters and Adapters are installed to increase airflow to carbs. No internal carburetor modifications are performed. High and low speed screws are adjusted to optimize carb settings.

Carbon Tech reeds are installed on stock cages. Stiffer carbon fiber material improves throttle response and acceleration while resisting tension fade like stock reeds that will stay open as they age.

ADA Billet Girdled Cylinder Head is installed with 35cc domes producing 175-180psi compression. Fresh 91+ octane fuel is required. Increased compression produces more torque and acceleration. Girdled design prevents cylinder body from cracking.

MSD 701 Enhancer Ignition is installed into OEM electrical box. Enhancer improves power with a hotter spark and features an adjustable rev limiter.
WORX Top-Loader Intake Grate is installed. The intake grate provides increased top speed & hook up in choppy water conditions through better jet pump efficiency. Also improves handling characteristics.

Solas Concord Impeller is installed. Superior hub design and variable pitch blade angle deliver improved performance with reduced cavitation. Billet Impeller Cone included.

RIVA Pro-Series Ride Plate is installed. Improved planing surface, rear contour shape and a D-shaped bottom hole improves handling performance through reduced porpoising, increased high speed stability, improved traction and cornering.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.