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This kit delivers an awesome level of performance (12mph on U.S. & Canadian models) through easily installed electronic and pump components. No internal engine modifications are required.

RIVA Speed Control Override Service is performed. ECU is reprogrammed, removing the restrictive GPS speed control function on Sea-Doo 325 models delivering significant increases in top speed. This is a "mail-in" service requiring you ship your ECU and D.E.S.S. Post to RIVA for programming. See below for "Mail-in" details.

RIVA Catch Can/Engine Breather Upgrade Kit is installed. Easy to install catch can/oil breather eliminates power-robbing crankcase fumes and oil vapor from your engine's air intake. Increases horsepower by removing the engine's requirement to burn relatively non-combustible oil. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing the oil sludge coating that lowers thermal efficiency.

Solas Concord Impeller is installed. Designed in cooperation with the RIVA Racing Research & Development Team specifically for use with this performance kit, this Solaa impeller reduces cavitation, increases acceleration and maximizes engine horsepower.

Fizzle Sea-Doo 325 Intercooler Tubing Upgrade Kit with Turbosmart BOV is included. Improve reliability and performance by replacing the soft and flimsy stock rubber intercooler hoses and tiny OEM blow off valve with the Fizzle heavy duty reinforced tubing kit for your Sea-Doo 325 watercraft! Fits all Sea-Doo RXP 325 and RXT 325 models. Adding the 50mm blow off valve will help drastically reduce back pressure and take stress off of the supercharger components. All of our Sea-Doo blow off valve kits have the vacuum hose and vacuum adapter

NOTE: Sea-Doo and RIVA both strongly recommend the use of premium octane (91+) pump fuel in your craft.

RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.

"Mail-in" Service Details:

Step 1: After completing online purchase please print and complete this form (click here).

Step 2: Package the form, ECU and D.E.S.S. Post together. Do not send us your lanyard! Ship your ECU & D.E.S.S. Post to:

RIVA Racing Attention:
ECU S.C.O.S. Order # (your order number here)
3671 N. Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA

Step 3: We will contact you when we receive your ECU & D.E.S.S. Post to confirm details.

Step 4: You will receive an email with tracking details from the GreenHulk Store once your ECU is done and shipping back to you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions

NOTE: Stock ECU limits performance for first 10 hours of operation. Top speed increases should be measured after 10 hour break-in period.