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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you have a posted phone number?

We are an online shop only and cater to many customers from all over the world. We deal with a high volume of orders and are best able to handle orders in a more timely and efficient manner when we are not tied up on the phone. Our customers can tell you that we offer the best customer service in the business and work very efficiently at filling their orders. If you need to contact us please click the contact us link on the main page and we will be happy to assist you as quickly as possible.

I have questions on which modifications to do with my ski. Will you give me advice?

We encourage you to use our online performance forum as a resource. The search feature will bring up plenty of info on most any topic you search. Our forum is an encyclopedia of PWC Performance information with thousands of members willing to help.

Will you send me a tracking number for my order?

Absolutely! For US based shipments you will receive an automated email from UPS Quantum View with the tracking info for your order. Some items are drop shipped so if you order parts from different manufacturers then expect to receive two, or more emails as each manufacturer drop ships your products.

For international orders you will be contacted personally by email with the tracking information for your package(s) along with shipping cost to your country.

Do I have to order through your store. Can’t I just email you an order?

No, for order accuracy and for the safety of your credit card information we require you to place your order through our secure online checkout.

What methods of payment do you accept?

paypal, mastercard, visa, american express, discover

I see you sell original manufacturer replacement parts too but my log in and password is not working on that store.

The OEM online store is a separate site entirely and the parts are shipped from another location. It’s required that you register on that site separately.

The online store is only giving me an estimate for UPS ground shipping to my address in the United States. What if I want faster shipping?

We are more than happy to provide you with UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air or 3rd Day Select shipping. Please leave us a note in the comments section when you place your order and we will get it done. It’s impossible for us to know exact shipping cost for air freight until your parts are packaged and weighed. Once your order ships we will contact you with the additional shipping cost to be billed to your card along with the tracking number.

I heard you offer a rebuild service for Sea Doo superchargers. Where do I send my supercharger?

Please view this link on the forum for instructions on sending your supercharger to me for service.

I’m an overseas customer. How much will it cost to ship my parts to my country and which method do you ship them?

We use USPS Express Mail for our international orders. It’s an efficient and economical way of shipping your products. Shipping cost depends on package weight. We only charge you exact shipping cost, what we pay is what you pay, no extra fees.

Here are some averages on what it costs to ship a package internationally using USPS Express Mail

1 pound package $41.50
2 pound package $46.75
3 pound package $52.00
4 pound package $57.25
5 pound package $62.50
7 pound package $73.80
9 pound package $85.10
10 pound package $90.75
12 pound package $102.25
15 pound package $119.50
17 pound package $131.00
20 pound package $148.25
22 pound package $159.75
25 pound package $177.00
27 pound package $188.50
30 pound package $205.75
35 pound package $234.50
40 pound package $263.25

If you desire a quicker shipping method using Fedex or UPS we have no problem shipping to you in that manner. Just specify in the comments section when placing your order that you would like your parts shipped this way. Once your parts are packaged and we know exact shipping cost we will contact you with the cost and tracking number.